Connect CEE

Connect CEE designs and delivers a wide range of award-winning Learning & Development (L&D) solutions for clients, from a wide range of sectors, across the world. Since 2000 we have pioneered the use of experiential learning in several emerging markets and won recognition for bringing global standards of quality and delivering them locally.

We still design and deliver bespoke team events, however, we are increasingly being asked to help design and deliver a wider bundle of L&D programmes, to integrate relationships between people and strategy more closely. A recent example of this is the launch of our Talent Academy in partnership with The University of Suffolk, UK:

University of Suffolk Talent Academy

Achieve your potential, get the recognition you deserve, build an international career, get accredited!

Designed to provide the core skills of the HR profession that, in emerging markets, are rarely delivered to a high standard, this programme is intellectually robust, interactive and immediately applicable to the real world. Utilising our usual high energy, charismatic style to create impact, the foundation level uses a mixture of case studies and practical use of key tools to provide improved operational performance. The advanced level emphasises improved critical thinking and the ability to link together different parts of the so-called talent matrix, to provide substance to idea of strategic HRM.

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