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New Book - on bookshelves in mid December
The book is designed to help readers understand how digital disruption changes value creation and to develop strategies of their own

Have ever wondered why tech companies attract huge valuations when they still seem to be losing money?  This will explain why this happens, why some companies have been able to completely dominate marketplaces and others have failed.  Howver, most importantly it will provide you with tools to develop strategies for your organisation to flourish in the digital economy.  The book is deliberately written with accessible language and uses case studies and examples to bring ideas to life.  Concise and clear, the book is an indispensible guide to managing during disruptive times.


Endorsements of the book:

“This book is a rare and special thing: It offers a lucid account of business strategy that genuinely understands and accounts for the ways in which the digital economy has and will continue to change how we think, act and interact. And yet it also provides a very clear and practical toolkit designed to address this challenge. Students will love it, managers will find it indispensable as a guide to digital transformation.”

Professor David Collins, Northumbria University UK.   


“In this captivating book, Andrew Taylor gives us insights behind digital disruption to help us act with confidence. He shows us how value creation is attuned to adaptation and inclusiveness that can bring success and transformative change in this new economic era. “

Christopher Gleadle - author of The Five Essential Steps To Sustainable Viability

Andy Taylor, 07.11.2023