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Teach Yourself Business - Change Management
A review of the prize-winning work by Charles Duhigg on using habits to change organisations and ourselves
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Event date: 19.10.21
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No. of places: 3
Hosted by: Andy Taylor

2 Hours (18.00-20.00), once per month: A low cost, bite sized learning programme, with excellent participant satisfaction.

A practical, case study driven, look at how we can use and develop habits to drive organisational and personal change.

Based upon the format of a British University seminar, the programme will therefore be a blend of business school and more informal learning methods. It will not have the pressure or cost of an MBA, nor is intended to replace one, but will make participants think deeper and wider and be focused upon the application of knowledge to peoples work.

Whilst there will be no exam or grading, participants will receive a certificate of participation from Connect CEE.

We currently deliver similar training programmes for other clients, who have found it to be a highly impactful means of delivering relevant learning that is immediately applicable to their work, whilst enabling participants to take responsibility for their own development.

Fast Forward Your Career!

1. Connect up ideas and books

2. Encourage analytical and critical thinking

3. Show how and when to apply ideas

What people say about the programme:

"What I enjoy most about the 'Teach Yourself Business' programme is the focus on deep learning, accompanied with real-life scenarios; no buzzwords and no superficial explanations. Across several sessions Andrew interconnects topics from previous ones, questions and challenges assumptions, asks reflective questions, and offers further recommendations into readings. All of these have been a brilliant guidance on how to approach my professional development with a critical and self-reflective thinking" - Felicia Gligor-Program Manager-atrain GmbH

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