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Executive Booster
Fast Forward your career. An online, low cost, high impact, 2 hours per month, executive learning programme
Event date: 21.11.22
Register before: 20.11.22
No. of places: 12
Hosted by: Andy Taylor

Teach Yourself Business

Executive Booster


The purpose of this training programme is to provide a regular monthly online seminar (2 hours), led by appropriate facilitators, who take a section of a key book and in a small seminar format review it with participants.  The focus of the below list is on developing, leadership, motivation, managing change and key tools for strategic thinking:


  • John Adair Action-Centred Leadership
  • Ken Blanchard – Situational Leadership
  • Peter Senge – Systemic leadership


  • John P. Kotter Organizational change
  • Charles Duhigg Habit 


  • Chris Argyris Learning Loops
  • Dave Snowden The Cynefin Framework 
  • Matthew Syed Diversity & performance


  • Chris Rose – What Makes People Tick (2011)
  • Daniel Pink Drive (2012)


The programme will therefore be a blend of business school and more informal learning methods.  It will not have the pressure or cost of an MBA, nor is intended to replace one, but will make participants think and be focused upon the application of knowledge to peoples work.  

We currently deliver similar training programmes for other clients, who have found it to be a highly impactful means of delivering relevant learning that is immediately applicable to their work, whilst encouraging participants to take responsibility for their own development.

Fees: 140 Lei per session of 2 hours each.