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Talent Academy - Join the Class of 2023
An internationally accredited professional development programme for experienced HR executives
Event date: 03.04.23
Register before: 31.03.22
No. of places: 12
Hosted by: Andy Taylor

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"I highly recommend this programme".

Laura Dragos Radoi, Business Operations Manager, New Pharma Development

The following modules, of one day each, will be delivered every month for six months:

  • Strategic HRM
  • Motivation & engagement
  • Leadership & management
  • Change management
  • Performance management
  • High Performance Practices

Participants will complete 6 modules, followed by a short assignment, demonstrating their ability to apply learning to their own workplace. 

Fast Forward Your Career!

  • Learn practical analytical tools to immediately improve individual and collective performance.

  • Instead of reacting to events you will be able to identify patterns, diagnose their underlying causes and develop solutions that address the causes and not just their symptoms.